Classical Massage 
This is a muscle relaxing and stress relieving massage. It is performed suiting the needs of the body, toning muscles down and stimulating blood circulation by applying various pressures. The objective is to relax the tissue and every cell and consequently the whole organism and to soften legs, arms and back by massaging with natural oils. Tense areas from head to toe are located and loosened up.

Deep Tissue Massage
This is a muscle relaxing and soothing massage recommended especially after sports for its application on deep tissue to eliminate the lactic acid accumulated in the body. It is performed suiting the needs of the body, toning muscles down and stimulating blood circulation by applying various pressures.

Sports Massage
This is a soothing and healing massage. The primary objective is to stimulate blood circulation. Muscle, nerve and spine injuries are treated with ice compressions and supportive dressing. Special sports massage techniques are applied, muscles are toned down, muscle functions are measured, and injuries such as tennis elbow are treated.


Anti-stress Massage 
Techniques employed at this massage are to de-stress and refresh the body. Nerves are toned down and inner peace is restored. Gentle but deep anti-stress massage from head to toe relieves tension and ignites joy of living.

Pregnant Massage* 
Pregnant massage is effective for relieving tension especially on the neck, head and back area. Light touches on the pelvic area help you gain the flexibility your body needs as the delivery time approaches. It removes sciatic, edema pains and cramps that are caused by the circulatory disorder (regular therapy significantly reduces particularly sciatic pains) and regenerates the body. This massage, applied using natural and skin nourishing oils, eliminates the tightness of skin. Massage sessions can continue until the last weeks of pregnancy. It involves no risk of miscarriage since any action that might accelerate delivery and interfere with the process is carefully avoided (still, we recommend that you consult with your doctor and get a report before starting the sessions). *Not applied during the first three months of pregnancy.

Hot Stone Therapy
The hot stone therapy is a type of massage therapy applied by using heated stones so that heat penetrates deep within the body. It utilizes energy of air, water, earth and fire. Energy of the volcanic lava stones gives one the feeling of being nested and purified in nature, while restoring physical, mental and emotional equilibrium and peace at the end of the therapy.

Aromatherapy Massage
This is a relaxing, soothing and relieving massage lightly applied using essential oils in a slow rhythm

Anti-Cellulite Massage
The anti - cellulite massage, with its special pressure technique, improves circulatory system, reduces the diameter of veins and regulates circulation of blood in the legs, thus carrying more oxygen to the cells and accelerating detoxification.


This is an intensive foot massage applied with a special technique. All organs in the body are stimulated working with the reflex points in the feet. Energy blockages are dissolved, points of force in the body are activated and self-healing process is supported.

Manuel Lymph Drainage
The task of lymph drainage is to activate the lymph system of the body. The lymph not only discharges water, softens and detoxifies the body, but also is a carrier of the entire defense system of the organism. The massage is effective on tired legs, cellulites, tension and pain. It strengthens immune system and stimulates cell renewal.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage, the techniques of which pass on generation to generation, is performed by applying pressure on certain points on the body to stimulate the flow of energy and reduce tension in the muscles. The Thai massage is finished with stretching of entire body.


Traditional Balinese Massage 
This is a massage specific to Indonesian province of Bali. Emphatic pressures, gentle tappings and various stretches applied to pressure points pass through the muscle tissue reaching deeper beyond. It balances the energy centers of the body and integrates the entire body system. Aromatic oils used to complement this massage technique relieves the tension in the muscles; increasing and balancing the energy level, hence leaving the body and mind extraordinarily relaxed.

Regional Massage
This is a muscle relieving, anti-stress and relaxing massage applied on areas like shoulders, neck, head and legs. It is performed according to the needs of the body, relaxes muscles and stimulates blood circulation by applying various pressures.