Turkish Bath

The services offered here add up to a typically Anatolian bathing ritual to relax the body. Scent of cleanliness together with the heat will make you feel like a sultan from the past. The hot steam in the bath will relax your body and soften your skin. The memories of Paşa and Şehrazad treatments will linger on for quite some time.


Upon entrance, our therapist lays you down on the heated marble platform in the middle. You will feel the heat relaxing your mind and body completely. Then, our therapist begins exfoliating your body with a special scrubbing mitten that feels great. Whole body exfoliation gives a perfect sense of purity; the skin becomes smooth and soft and with the improved blood circulation eliminating spasms in muscles. After rinsing, you are covered with a cloud of aromatic bubble soap. Your body, relaxed completely with the pleasant scent of the bubble soap wash, is rinsed only to be followed by a honey and natural jojoba bean peeling or a coffee peeling. Our therapist activates the muscles with massage movements specific to Turkish bath and massages your head, hands and feet. The whole experience will leave your body and soul in peace and you will be ready to enjoy the special treats offered at the end of the bathing service.