Hotels in Art

Kemer Country Hotel, is hosting ‘Skin”, an art piece by Mehmet Ali Uysal that stands out with the international prizes it won.

Skin, a project by Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal chosen by The Independent the third among the top ten public art pieces, can now be seen at the golf course right in front of Kemer Country Hotel.

Uysal, inspired by architecture and the human body, blends every day objects into the architectural context of the setting they are installed in, presenting them in unconventional ways. The wooden piece “Skin” of five editions integrated into the earth and grass it’s installed on is also known as the “Clothespin Sculpture”. The artist refers to it as the piece that is composed of not only wood but also earth and grass seeds. The giant conceptual work is installed in Chaudfontaine Park of Liege, Belgium since 2010. The third edition is on exhibit at Kemer Country Club, two more are in Sweden and Washington.

Kemer Country is enriching life with art. It brings art into every day life with not only the works around Kemer Country Hotel but with temporary exhibitions as well.