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About Kemer Country

Kemer Country is an unrivalled oasis for a happy and lively life beyond being an ideal place to live in with its nature, living concept and world standard facilities. The region characterized by the natural beauty of Belgrad Forest, home to infinite bird species, the ponds and lakes and the water ducts by the greatest Turkish architect Mimar Sinan, is also the residence of an elite community. Designed as meticulously as the indoor ones, the outdoor spaces are forested with handpicked trees. Kemer Country concept was first born in 1986 and won a prize for bearing the first European approach to Turkish city planning at A Vision of Europe exhibition organized in Bologne, Italy in 1992.

Kemer Country is a project dreamed to be built in Göktürk in 1986, a village with a population of 800 engaged in agriculture and stockbreeding which lies on the outskirts of the forest and in the middle of the water ducts built by Mimar Sinan and the great divides that feed the city of İstanbul on the historic railway route. The project had started in 1986 and the construction of the first 300-acre phase in 1989, 75 acres of which was reserved for the golf course. On the remaining 225 acres are the vertical and horizontal settlements, green areas, ponds and other common estate plots.

The interior of the houses was designed to maximize the usage of space with practicality and functionality in mind. On the outside are the oriel windows opening onto the beauty of the nature to let the sunshine in, spacious balconies and verandas shielded from the north wind, all conceptualized under the inspiration from the Ottoman architecture and the mansions on the Bosphorus. Façades accentuated with decorative stones and exceptional building materials are designed to enhance countless shadows and colors infused with plays of light. Tiled roofs blending in nature do mature with passing time. Kemer Country is a settlement that improves itself over time. All neighborhoods have distinct features with different but well-matched houses. Kemerköy, the first part of Kemer Country project that could be defined in two sections, is founded on a 300-acre land. The second part comprising the log cabins is built on a 206-hectare land. Kemer Country Club caters to both the residents and elite İstanbulites as a unique establishment within Kemer Country with its golf, equestrian, tennis, wellness & fitness, basketball, swimming facilities as well as dining facilities serving numerous examples from various cuisines and all sorts of activities.