All the neighborhoods in Kemer Country have distinct features with different but well-matched houses.


The Forestline neighborhood, the first of Kemer Country projects to be developed, is situated by the lakeside very near to Belgrad Forest and the historic water ducts by Mimar Sinan. Designed in Levanten style, the neighborhood consists of 129 individual villas with 12 different plans.


82 villas of the Tulipslope neighborhood are designed in Levanten style with 12 different plans, just like those in Forestline. The individual villas of the Tulipslope are overlooking the immaculately manicured golf course and incomparable lake view.


Old-fashioned Turkish neighborhood style accentuates the timelessness of architecture against popular trends. The wooden houses with their patio and oriel windows reflecting the Turkish architectural patterns accentuate the distinctive features of Kemer Country. The neighborhood is composed of 159 villas in 16 different styles. The village square, in the heart of the neighborhood and also Kemer Country, meets the needs of Kemer Country residents with Macrocenter, Meydan Restaurant, gym and pool.

Waterfront Mansions

The neighborhood inherits its name from the houses by the lakeside that integrate well into the lake with a peaceful forest view. While the wooden oriel windows, ornaments and carved stones reflect the Turkish style, the interior of the houses exemplifies the modern life style. This neighborhood is composed of 152 houses in 20 different styles.

Archline Mansions, Villas and Row Houses

The Archline neighborhood by the historic water ducts is made up of 2 sections. The first section consists of the Archline Mansions, Archline Villas and Archline Row Houses. The second one consists of the New Burgaz Houses. Private villas are in the historic water ducts area. Duplex structures in Levanten style, they have 1000 – 3000 sqm gardens with views overlooking the water ducts, forest or ponds. The Archline mansions are surrounded by the forest on the one side and a huge park with ponds on the other. They are composed of town houses and mansions with an apartment on each floor. 65 houses reflect the traditional Turkish architectural concept.


The last project in the heart of Kemer Country close to the village square is the Archmanor, vibrant with its social life. It consists of 1, 2 or 4-bedroom apartments and townhouses with terrace, garden or various interior design elements.


It is situated on the highest point of the Kemer Countyr on the Tulip Hill. Composed of 28 different houses, it can be defined as a “complex of privileges”. With its outdoor and indoor swimming pools, private sauna, massage services, garden and plant care, office and reservation services the Tulippavilion is one of the pioneers in Turkey. It is the ideal place for the ones longing for a perfect and comfortable living among nature with its breathtaking forest view and the best quality building and decorative materials.


The name comes from the cedar tress surrounding the neighborhood. Overlooking the lush golf course it is composed of 58 houses in 9 different styles. It reflects the traditional Turkish architecture with its embroidered, carved stones and wooden oriel windows. The residents are free to enjoy all the services of the Village Square and the outdoor swimming pool in the neighborhood.

Magnolia Drive

The Magnolia Drive reflects everything that stands out of the 21st century architecture with its modern design and technological features. 22 units in 11 different styles are made up of 2 or 3-storey apartments with private gardens that adjoin to private Jacuzzis and common swimming pool. The project is one that merges the austerity of an apartment with the comfort of a villa and promotes a peaceful and safe life style. The houses are among the most modern examples of their genre in Kemer Country with their white wooden façades, wide windows, greenhouses, spacious living rooms and minimalist design.

Water Houses 1

Kemer Country Water Houses are designed to accentuate the equilibrium of nature and people’s desires. Beyond being just a “home”, they intend to bring individuality to people while living together within the society.

Water Houses 2

It was such a huge success with the Water Houses 1 that the second in the series was designed upon demand. The Water Houses 2 is designed to be surrounded by a park area in the center of which is a pond as well as a swimming pool and garden.


The neighborhood situated on a green land around a pond and a pool is remarkable with its common gardens. It is composed of 70 apartments in 9 styles and 18 town houses designed to suit various life styles with different needs.

White Mansions

The project comprises of 2 to 4-room apartment or town house structures of 82-235 sqm, the gardens and balconies of which are in harmony with the setting. They are located on İstanbul Street, the most vibrant street in Göktürk with outdoor pool, gym and mall in close proximity.


Kemer Country Residence promises a modern life utilizing state-of-art technological features donned with smart apps.

Log Cabins

The cabins in Bergrade Forest are designed by Anthony Phillipson and John Carney, the leading architect in USA working with log technology. The units with private 3000 sqm woods are situated around a 200,000 sqm lake. 2 to 9-room structures of 160-638 sqm in 8 different styles.