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June 1st Equestrian Club Opening AnnouncementNews


June 1st Equestrian Club Opening Announcement

Dear Kemer Country Equestrian Club Members,

Within the scope of the measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic taken by the World Health Organization because of "Pandemic", it has been passed to a controlled normalization process.

Some changes have been made in the rules of Kemer Country Equestrian Club as of June 2020 according to the 'New Normal' due to the measures, and they will be updated over time depending on the process. We will inform you of our new Normal rules and the measures we have taken for you.

As of June 1st, 2020, we hope to meet you on healthy days at Kemer Country
Equestrian Club.

Kemer Country Club Management,

Our Working Hours
> Equestrian Center will be open between 09:00 - 18:00. It is closed on Mondays.
> Only members of Riding Center will be able to enter and it will be closed to visitors.

Our areas open to service
> 2 open maneges, 1 closed manege, 3 semi-open tent manege, 3 paddock, horse walker and land riding will be open.
> Toilets in the club building will be open.

Our closed areas to service
> Dressing rooms and showers will be closed.
> No Pony  Pony Academy programs will be held
> Indoor/outdoor swimming pools, basketball court, dressing rooms, Wellness & Spa-ce,steam bath, sauna and Turkish bath that are common use areas of all our members are closed until the next announcement.

Our rules for our members
> Members will come to the club with masks and must wear masks in club areas.
> The names of our members who will use the club will be recorded. They must admit the declaration for obeying the rules covered by the club within Covid-19 measures. Our members who violate the rules will be warned and asked to leave the club when necessary.
> Before using the arenas, our members should visit the reception for taking their fever and record.
> People's fever will be measured at KCC entrances, people with fever above 37'5 C will not be taken into the club.
> Names of members, athletes, horse owners, private grooms, staff and people deemed appropriate by the management are listed and delivered to the security at the club entrance. People such as parents, chauffeurs, assistants outside the list must meet with the reception of Equestrian Center.
> We kindly request that our members who have any illness do not enter.
> Our members under the age of 18 and over 65 will be able to enter on the days and hours allowed under the circular rules.
> It is possible to ride without a mask during equestrian but it is mandatory to wear a mask and maintain physical distance after riding.
> It is mandatory that you put your masks and gloves in waste bins.
> All members are requested to use hand sanitizers.
> Our horse owner members are responsible for providing masks to their private grooms.
> The number of people riding horses in closed manege will not exceed 12 including the groom, and the number of horses will not exceed 6.
> There must be a maximum of 2 people in tent arenas during lose schooling and longing.
> It is kindly requested those who have no duty not to enter the club building and offices.
> Our members will only be given individual lessons; group lessons will not be given.

Measures we have taken as Kemer Country Club
> Our employees must wear masks and their fever will be taken every morning.
> There are thermometers, masks, visors, hand and surface disinfectants, gloves, medical waste bags at our receptions. POS devices are open to contactless operation and hygiene conditions are provided more easily with the protection container.
> Our instructors will give their trainings by taking their personal protective measures and the physical distance will be 1.5 meters.
> Water dispensers in the member areas have been removed.
> Closed areas are frequently ensured to be ventilated.
> All windows and doors of the closed manege will be kept open.
> Horse and person restrictions will be checked.
> Disinfectant is available in all barns and manege entrances.
> Seating orders in the closed manege has been removed for this process.
> Club saddles and heads will be disinfected after each lesson.
> There are waste bins in the usage areas for masks and gloves.
> Liquid soaps used in our all facility toilets have a suitable content in terms of hygiene as hand liquid.
> There is a hygiene mat at the reception entrance.
> Necessary hygiene and protection training has been given to all of our staff by our company doctor.